What is the DIFChain?

DIFChain (Digital Inclusive Finance Chain) provides people throughout the world with revolutionary distributed finance service, combining with block-chain, biological identity and machine learning, to make anyone join in the encrypted digital asset network anytime and anywhere. It is based on the main chain of DIFChain, encrypted digital account and wallet, DApp. In the future, DIFChain will help developing countries build new financial infrastructure facilities to synchronize with the world into the encrypted digital economic society.

How does DIFChain operate?


Use the face and voiceprint double recognition as the users’ only private key to establish and protect the identity information and digital account.


A convenient, stable and featherweight, loose coupling and flexible “software development tool bag”, and it will support the integration and usage of SDK in all directions.

Integrating Economy

Applied integrating economy is an ecology cooperation partner, which gathers all kinds of DApp applications and an application platform providing the usage management.


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